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Best Overall Hack (3)

The blow your socks off kind of projects.

Prize: 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place All very cool things. Stay tuned!

Best Consumer Banking, Restaurant, or Shopping Solution by NCR (3)

Build the best consumer facing solution that leverages NCR’s Banking or Commerce APIs.

Prize: 3 winning teams (all internship offers if eligible), and iPhone 11, Nvidia 2080 Graphics Card, Sonos Beam for 1st, 2nd, 3rd

NSIN - Drone

Design a “Looky-Loo” pan/tilt camera mount that utilizes a headset control system included in FatShark Goggle to be mounted to UGV’s, with an option to be mounted to other vehicles, including flying UAV’s. Expandability to computer control for machine learning control and modularity for difference camera system is desirable.

Problem Statement: When various autonomous systems are utilized, they are typically controlled with an FPV system using a small single camera. Although suitable for control, it restricts the visual range for tactical applications. To look off axis generally requires turning or moving the vehicle. Pan/Tilt systems can mitigate this to a degree by allowing a camera to look around, but this requires additional control inputs by the users hands. Modern FPV goggles are starting to include or are able to be upgraded with a sensor module that can convert the users head movement into a control signal to move servos. In effect, the users head becomes the controller, freeing up the users hands for other controls and invoking a more nature “look around” when using the head to control the camera system.

The challenge is therefore to design and program a camera pan/tilt system that is controlled by the head inputs of the user that will be mounted to various unmanned vehicles.


The requirements are to be functional with a minimum of 180 degrees of field of view left/right, and preferably full 360 degrees (+/-180 from centerline), and minimum of 60 degrees and preferably 90 to 120 degrees pitching.

The mount should be able to handle and mount various camera systems, with a mounted weight of up to 3 pounds to allow usage of multiple camera systems and any onboard control/processing systems. The camera systems will fit within an 8x5x3 inch box, and should be designed to handle +/-6G’s at a minimum. Multiple camera systems should be able to be mounted depending on mission requirements.

The system should also be robust enough to withstand relatively rough handling by soldiers and extreme environments, including both hot and cold extremes, and dust and other environmental material intrusion. Waterproofing is not required, but would be useful.

The max weight of the system for UGV’s is 6 pounds, but can potentially be waivered if appropriate justification is provided. For the UAV design, a max weight of 2lbs has been demonstrated, but greater weights can be waivered and may be available depending on the specific airframe.

A standardized interface and attachment system is preferred, but not required. Currently Picatinny standard mounts are available.

Advanced manufacturing methods are available, but emphasis on using COTS components for speed of fabrication and cost reduction are preferred.

The control system will be a set of FatShark Goggles

Prize: Getting to meet and train with a government organization that works at the cutting edge with academia, industry, and fellow government agencies to solve our nation’s most pressing technological problems.

Tagging Noise Signals Found Within Seismic Data by NSIN-Seismic (2)

With the quality of seismic sensors ever improving it is more important than ever to be able to tag unwanted sources of noise to better understand how to remove them from the signals of interest.


1st Place: Bose noise cancelling bluetooth headphones and a new echo dot
2nd Place: Wireless keyboard with track-pad

Best Use of BlackRock APIs

BlackRock aims to increase financial literacy and help its clients prepare for better financial futures. To do this, we use a set of APIs that help us source, process, and optimize financial data from all over the world. Check them out at https://blackrock.com/tools/api-tester/hackathon, and make a hack that could be used to drive this mission.

Prize: 400$ visa gift card. Bag pack, Stainless steel water bottle, Compressible travel water bottle, Umbrellas, Reusable straws, Journals

Health Marketplace of the future by Anthem (3)

Design and implement a health marketplace that creates a personalized, simple and data driven platform for health services.

Personalization, simplicity and data empowerment will drive the Health Marketplace of the future. What does this mean for you in the future of managing your own health? Anthem’s Carespree mobile health app, harnesses AI enabled technology to empower users to manage their own health. It allows users to check their health symptoms, narrow down their health issue, and connect with board-certified doctors to discuss treatment options. Your challenge is to design and implement a marketplace component to the Carespree App.

Prize: Drones for each member of the winning team

Create an app using APIs from the AT&T API Marketplace to help grow small businesses and/or improve customer experience.


Utilize at least one API from the AT&T Marketplace:
* SMS / Chat API
* Voice API
* Video Chat API
* Two-Factor Authentication

Incorporate at least one objective into the usage of the API:
* Improve Customer Experience
* Innovate Small Businesses
* Create Creative Uses for chat, voice, video chat, and messaging

In addition to business needs, AT&T has a keen focus on stakeholders and improving local businesses. Though it is not required, we recommend finding a synergy to address all our objectives.

The winning team will receive:
· 4 complementary weekend passes to Dream Hack 2019 at the Georgia World Congress Center
· 4 $150 concert cash cards for use at any upcoming event at the Tabernacle

Best Use of ESRI Technology

We would love to see how hackers build the best app using the ArcGIS platform.

Prize: $1000 to be distributed among all members of the winning team.

Best Project using Secure Software Coding Best Practices by NSA (2)

At NSA we take security very seriously, to include emphasizing security best practices in our software development process. Building technologies that have vulnerabilities can have grave impact by giving malicious actors access to classified data or sensitive personally identifiable information. Therefore, we want to help build a culture of security for software developers and help them understand potential vulnerabilities and their associated mitigations to have a "security-first" mindset.

Resources: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qSNUhZdeuLnbyEXJehPzyYaZ7nTkGMjI/view?usp=sharing

Prize: $200 Barnes and Nobles Gift Card, Cracking the Coding Interview (book), Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy (book), and Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

Best Project using Open Source NSA Technologies (2)

We want to see the best projects that employ Open Source NSA Technologies in new and creative ways. Generally, we are looking for quality solutions that are well designed, show innovation, and are technically ambitious. Students are welcome to leverage any of our publicly available agency tools on https://code.nsa.gov. Technical mentors specific for Ghidra, Simon and Speck, Beer Garden, and SIMP will be available on-site throughout HackGT.

Resources: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MU9C1f64UZ4q11KVmWy9n7GwhduiChao/view?usp=sharing

Prize: $200 Barnes and Nobles Gift Card, Cracking the Coding Interview (book), Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy (book), and Adafruit Circuit Playground Express.

Best Design/UX Hack by BNY Mellon

* Attractive Design
* Intuitive Interactions
* Overall Project Polish
* Attention to Detail
* Ease of User Interaction
Prize: Raspberry Pi for each member of the winning team.

Best Use of the Bose SoundTouch API

Develop the best application utilizing our network-connected home speakers, helping people connect more, control more, and do more.

Prize: Pair of Bose Noise Cancelling 700 Headphones for each member of the winning team.

Best Use of Google Cloud (2)

Use any Google Cloud product in your project (Firebase counts!)

Prize: Google Home Mini, Cloud Patagonia Backpack, Cloud Pillow, Acrylic Trophy, and Cloud Water Bottle for each member of the winning team.

Best hack to help the housing inequality crisis by Wayfair

From homelessness to hunger, there's a lot of room for innovation to drive significant social change, especially when it comes to housing inequality. Can you find a solution to help everyone live in a home that they love, where they feel safe and comfortable? Challenge your creativity and create a project to help solve the housing inequality crisis.

Prize: Winning team will receive $500, split between up to 4 team members, in Visa gift cards and trophies!

Best Entertainment Hack

Best hack that relates to Film, Television, Theme Parks, or Video Streaming.

Prize: $500/person and Disney gift pack

Build with Facebook developer technologies

Build an innovate project/product by leveraging Facebook developer technologies.

Prize: An Oculus Quest for each team member


Create an application that will allow users to upload an image (or provide a URL to an image or take a picture). Afterward, leverage cloud-based machine learning API to detect text in images and extract fuel types such as “Regular”, “Plus”, or “Diesel” and match them to corresponding prices; then show the products and prices on the page.

Gas station owners and operators routinely decide how to set retail prices of fuel based on market conditions, their costs, and competitive dynamics. PDI Fuel Pricing solutions help retailers around the globe improve price performance and decision making. With PDI Fuel Pricing, they can determine the best pricing strategies, optimize your profits and customize pricing rules based on trends and analytics. One datapoint that allows retailers to set prices is price observation where retailers observe competitive prices in their given market. The observation is typically done by recording the given commodity (fuel type) and its price using a mobile application. The ultimate goal will be to create an easier way to observe fuel prices by taking a picture of a price sign and detecting the fuel types and amounts automatically using machine learning. The machine learning algorithms will leverage image recognition to detect the area of an image that represents the price sign, extract products and prices from the sign and match the prices to right products. It will also be able to determine if the product price is a “cash” price. We expect that the machine learning algorithm will be trained with images of price signs and ultimately be able to “recognize” a previously untrained image. Unlike traditional image recognition, the machine learning approach will allow us to continuously re-train the algorithm to learn new sign types are they deployed in the field.

Prize: A drone for each member of the winning team

Alexa Skills for Students: Build Student-Focused Alexa Skills and Win Prizes and Recognition

We're asking HackGT students to think about the various challenges their peers face and the barriers to success in the academic setting. Working in teams student members will be challenged with the task of building Alexa skills that will address these challenges and help support students on the path to graduation.

The Challenge

We're asking HackGT students to think about the various challenges their peers face and the barriers to success in the academic setting. Working in teams student members will be challenged with the task of building Alexa skills that will address these challenges and help support students on the path to graduation.

Never built a skill? No problem. AWS Educate’s Alexa Badge goes over everything you need to know to build your first custom Amazon Alexa skill.

Build Alexa skills that fit into one of the following categories and use these examples for inspiration!

* Student Life - Such as finding student-friendly establishments, finding student jobs and internships, staying healthy, reducing stress, getting enough sleep, financial planning, and more.
* Learning - Such as study assistants, class scheduling, classroom experience improvements, interacting with teachers/ other students, mitigating procrastination, and more.
* Community - Such as connecting with other students, keeping in touch with friends and family, raising awareness on social issues affecting students, discovering campus events, activities, resources, and more.

Prize: Amazon Kindle for each member of the winning team

Best Spatial Software #MadeWithTeleportal (2)

Imagine a future where every interaction you make with a computer is embedded in the way you move through the world. Create a piece of AR/VR software using Teleportal that you think the world will need.


1st Place: One Oculus Quest per team member, Teleportal Platform access, limited edition Teleportal x HackGT 6 shirt.

2nd Place: Teleportal Platform access, limited edition Teleportal x HackGT 6 shirt

Change the travel, transportation, hospitality, retail, fintech, or the healthcare industries (3)

Show us how you can change the travel, transportation, hospitality, retail, fintech, or the healthcare industries with a powerful project using any of the following:
* Cloud-based solution using AWS or GCP
* AWS services including, but not limited to..
* Polly
* Lex
* Rekognition
* IoT
* Alexa Skill Set
Google services including, but not limited to…
* DialogFlow
* TensorFlow
* Video AI
* Mobile Augmented Reality
Judging Criteria

- Design (25%)

- Accessibility (25%)

- IoT / Robotics / AR / Cloud integration (50%)


1st Place: DJI Tello Drones w/ Boost Combo and drone controllers

2nd Place: Accenture branded backpack (Bluetooth speaker)

3rd Place: Accenture gift pack (wireless mouse, lens kit, water bottle)

Best Financial Hack by Capital One

How will you reimagine banking?


Prize: $300 Amazon gift card

Azure Champ Challenge

Does your project use Microsoft Azure in an effective way? Then enter the Azure Champ Challenge! This challenge is for projects that use the Azure cloud in some way, deliver a solution to a specific problem or need, and innovate in technical design and implementation of services.

Prize: Surface Go computers + keyboards for each individual, prioritized Microsoft Imagine Cup finals entry, and $1,000 donation to charity of winning team's choosing

Create a project that helps K-12 students develop more creative ideas when solving problems by CEISMC (2)

Create a project that helps K-12 students develop more creative ideas when solving problems. Come to the CEISMC workshop at 8:15 in Klaus 2456 for more details.

Prize: Mini portable projector for each member of the winning team.

Best Automation Hack with UiPath by MLH

Build an automation hack using UiPath!

Prize: Each winning team member will receive a UiPath/MLH Branded Backpack and an opportunity to interview for a UiPath Internship in 2020 with high recommendation!

Best Domain Registered with Domain.com by MLH

Register a domain using Domain.com during the weekend. Each team may submit one entry per person on the team.

Prize: Each winning team member will receive a Domain.com branded backpack.

Best use of Transposit

Only 24 hours to create your project? No problem, Create an app and compose different APIs together with the worlds first API composition platform, Transposit.

Prize: Each winning team member will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

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